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General Information on Charter Oak Gymnastics

We offer fun gymnastics recreational classes for boys and girls from 18 months and up. The 18-month-old class is a parent participation class. Children 3 years old are in Monkeys and four and five-year-olds are in Tigers & Lions classes. Children 6 and older start in beginning classes and progress through our multi leveled program. We also offer tumbling, Urban Acrobatics and cheerleading classes and are always planning a special activity for the classes like sleepovers, camps, field trips and parties.


Our goal is to make fitness FUN at Charter Oak Gymnastics

To see a description of the normal classes we offer and their & fees click here for our Fees & Registration Page.

Charter Oak Gymnastics has been in business for 39 years in Covina, California. We train to the highest level of gymnastics with our athletes competing on USA World and Olympic Teams. Our head coaches are Stephen and Beth Rybacki. Stephen is the director of Charter Oak Gymnastics. In the 2000 Sydney Games Stephen was named the assistant coach of the U.S. Team. In 2001 named the head coach of the U.S. World team. 1997 he was named Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coach of the Year. Beth Kline-Rybacki was the youngest gymnast on the 1980 Gymnastic Olympic Team. Beth was named Choreographer of the Year in 1994 and is also honored with the title of National Team Coach.

We are a very a unique gymnastic club because not only do we offer an extensive in-gym class program, train both boys and girls team through Elite's and train US National Team Members.

Mission Statement

The mission of Charter Oak Gymnastics is to provide a safe and caring environment in which each child knows they have value.

COG strives to teach respect, confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and work ethic to

enable each child to be the best athlete and person they can be.  

Charter Oak Gymnastics is devoted to helping all participants reach their physical and mental fitness goals regardless of ability.

From the very beginner student to the World competitor it is our goal to provide the best possible gymnastics instruction to all students.

We understand that success is a choice.  It is our hope that the disciplines we teach that lead to

success through gymnastics will be recognized as a lifelong benefit.

This is the greatest gift we can offer our community.

*Schedule is subject to change without notice*


Our Junior Academy Program For Ages 5 & Under

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Pre school gymnastic activities are to develop large and small motor skills. Activities are fun-filled as experienced

and professional personnel direct the little ones toward strength, flexibility, and social development.

Equipment used includes balls, hula hoops, ropes, baby balance beam, ladders, trampolines, and floor.

Special music and rhythmic games provide creative stimulation for children.

LOCATED @ MY JUNGLE GYM - Click for photos (next door to the main facility)

    These classes are designed to establish motor development, heighten and develop body awareness as well

as eye-hand coordination. All students are given FUN instruction using equipment such as a balance beam,

balls, hoops, ladders, trampolines, lots laughter and smiles.


Academy Program
For Ages 6 to 17
A progressive fundamentals first learning structure provides for continuous growth and development of gymnastics skills on all Olympic events.
These gymnastics and tumbling classes are for age 6 to 16. A rotational system will expose the students to bars, beam floor dance and tumbling.
Different sizes of trampolines, mats and "The Pit" is also uses for safe progressive lesson plans. With regular testing students move through 6 levels of accomplishments.
Advanced level students can also compete in special competitions in the spring time.

Even though Charter Oak Gymnastics has long been recognized for offering superior programs, our primary goal is to develop and emphasize the child's self esteem. We believe we cannot maximize a child's potential unless they feel good about themselves.

Gymnastics for Home School Children

We understand that parents have a responsibility to see that their children grow into healthy adults by being active and developing motor skills, listening skills, reading readiness, flexibility, strength, goal setting and cooperation. We accept the responsibility by assisting in teaching your children these life long lessons.


 Mobile Gymnastics & Fitness Program

Our extensive mobile program takes Charter Oak Gymnastics to many different sites. We cover local preschools, private schools, as well as parks and recreation departments.

We are fulfilling a need for a child to explore an activity that is not readily available through their schools and the response has been overwhelming. We are currently servicing Arcadia, Pasadena at their Victory Park and Robinson Park site & San Dimas Parks & Recreation.

Click here for more details on our mobile gym program.

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 Birthday Parties

GYMNASTICS presents a fun and exciting way to celebrate your child’s birthday!

Your very own private gymnastics party. 45 minutes of gymnastics stations and activities that include a fun obstacle course, trampolines, zip line and our FOAM PIT


Following the gym activities, the last 45 minutes is in our multipurpose room where refreshments are served and the birthday child opens gifts! A total of 90 minutes of special gymnastics fun and partying!

Party choices are from the Basic and Deluxe. This is not the same old pizza party! Prices start at $180.00

To schedule your birthday party, call the gym at 626-966-8775 to check on availability and to reserve your party today!

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Weekly Sports Day Camps

We provide a healthy & active day camp.


AGES 4-14

Through sport games and gymnastics instructions your child can climb, jump, roll, and bounce their way to having stronger, healthier bodies in a whole world of fun. Includes: Snacks, Free In-gym Time, Games, Arts N Crafts.


HALF DAY CAMPERS  7:30 AM – 12:30 PM or 12:30 AM – 6:00 PM   $129per week  

FULL DAY CAMPERS                9:00 AM – 5:00 PM        $ per week

EXTENDED CAMPS                     7:30 AM – 6:00 PM     $ per week     

SINGLE DAY PRICE                   7:30 AM – 6:00 PM       $ per day**


*Requires pre-registration - $ single day walk in price. (Time needed to schedule appropriate staff)


Urban Acrobatics (6 & up)


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Great for parkour athletes, this program is designed to teach how to move from one point to another as smoothly, efficiently, and quickly as possible using the abilities of the human body in a structured class, and in a safe environment. Students will use agility skills, balance, learn flips and so much more in this program!

 Come learn the art of movement in a safe environment!

Parkour is a new type of sport. It is similar to gymnastics but not as difficult and equipment oriented.
The students learn high levels of body control & balance by moving up, down & over objects. Some flipping skills are learned but at a later stage. There is some conditioning involved but not to the high level of gymnastics.  
For the young boys it's like Spiderman training. 

Click here for a video of Urban Acrobatics



Cheer Program


Charter Oak Gymnastics Inc. offers a variety of professional cheer programs. We offer group, individual and team training. We also host seasonal clinics and camps for current and beginning cheerleaders.

Bring your cheer squad to our facility:
For those squads needing time to practice without concern for space and weather conditions. Our instructors are experts in tumbling. We have helped train many of the top squads in the San Gabriel Valley.

(Don't wait, stunts & tumbling skills take months of time to learn safely)

For the individual cheerleader:
Our class tumbling program has just what you need. We have a flexible program that can safely target the needs of your athlete.


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History of Charter Oak Gymnastics

Charter Oak Gymnastics started in 1978 as a parks and recreation program for the City of Covina under the direction of Stephen Rybacki and Len Cesene. During the first year of the program there were 250 recreational gymnasts who used a small school cafeteria as a make shift gym. Back then schools offered gymnastics, as part of the physical education program so there was no need for additional equipment.

The program was so successful it became evident that there was a need for a competition team in the area. Thus - a team was born and began "training". The coaches held a "Name The Team" contest and the Gliders came to be and joined the world of competitive gymnastics.

With a small 30 x 30-foot floor exercise area and a vault runway that was approximately half the regulation length, training started. The cafeteria not being large enough to house a regulation runway, the gymnasts would run from outside the building (which was fine unless it was raining) to vault. At the end of each workout day, all equipment was put back into the closets and the room was transformed back into a cafeteria. The Gliders and their head coach Stephen were young and inexperienced but full of dreams. In a very short time there was a need for a gym they could call their own.

The purchase of the Covina Gymnastics Center in 1980 not only supplied the Gliders team with their own workout center; it also doubled the size to 60 with the merging of the two teams. The two partners, Stephen and Len had to divide their time and split responsibilities. There now was a need for a full staff to run the actual business.

With the success of the Los Angeles Olympic games in 1984, gymnastics flourished. With classes ranging from parks and recreation, mobile gymnastics to upper level optional competition, the gym became known as the new up and coming program in Southern California. The 80's brought the addition of a former Olympian, Beth Kline to the staff and the team's first elite level competitors. International as well as world class competition now had the team and the coaching staff working harder than ever. The parents of the team members supported this growth and a booster club was formed. The parents not only helped their individual child, but opened doors and opportunities for the entire team.

The Glider team continued to excel in the 90's with more female college scholarships being added to the list and a new group of international elite's, not just participating in world class competition, but winning!

Since the 1984 LA Olympics, Stephen married Beth and started their own family. Beth never lost her passion for the sport and even though she played multiple roles as mom, wife and coach, she continued to grow and impress the world with her talents. Steve, with his rational sense of the sport and determination to make his athletes the best they can be, has combined talents with Beth to develop winners. Both Steve and Beth have received numerous accolades and awards from the Gymnastic community. They are truly a great coaching team especially with Beth's perfection, expertise and knowledge of floor and beam. Their children, Stephen, Nick, and Lexi are vital parts of the whole picture of the gym and their role as parents.

Charter Oak Gymnastics is presently serving several parks and recreational programs in the San Gabriel Valley as well as transporting school children to the gym for classes. Charter Oak Gymnastics has also expanded its program to offer tumbling and cheerleading classes. It is obvious that we are not only one of the top elite training centers for competitive gymnastics but are meeting the needs of families seeking recreational activities for their children.

We are very proud of our accomplishments and as you can see, we will continue to grow and make changes at Charter Oak Gymnastics as we seek ways to improve our programs and prepare future Olympians.

Students, staff, coaches, parents and supporters have all played an important part of the history of Charter Oak Gymnastics.

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